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Woman Health

Looking for information on woman health can be overwhelming! Where do you begin? Here is simple yet complete information to get you started.

Begin at the beginning.

No matter what your condition or situation, healthy or not, young or old, outgoing or shy, we are all basically the same. In that, I mean we require the same components of nutrition for basic health.

Take the best quality nutritional supplement available. This is the most technologically advanced, synergistic, cell ready product that does not require digestion to provide your body with it's basic foundation for health.

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Now let's get ugly...I'm talking about being a "b...."

Mood swings can be temporary or permanent, or feel that way. There are many reasons for this but the basic reason is because of STRESS!

B-complex vitamins are a simple, natural way to see if your mood swings are related to stress. Bring back your smile!

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If you know stress is impacting your life and want to know more, here's a great article on how it affects health.
How Stress Affects Health

What about fitness in womens health? I've found a site about pilates that works beautifully. I'm sure you'll appreciate it as much.
Pilates: A Woman's Guide to Fitness

Womens health and hormones. Ahhh...that's a biggie to some ladies. It starts with puberty, waxes and wanes through aging and pregnancies, then flips out!

At the age of 11, I told my step-daughter that I didn't like her. I loved her, but I didn't like her. Since reaching the age of 26 she has apologized, almost every time we're together, for how she was.

It wasn't her. It was hormones. They can be wicked!

Since then, I have had two daughters of my own and gone through exactly the same issues. One of my daughters is out of it and she's now 20. The other, at 17, is slowly coming around.

Pregnancy obviously causes hormonal fluctuations. The scary part is if a woman heads for post-partum depression. It's often not recognized and can become permanent!

As we age, our hormones fluctuate. Menopause is never an issue with some women, and THE ISSUE with others.

What's really cool? Often times these fluctuations can be minimized simply by nutrition!

When we are balanced, we are balanced. Go back, and begin at the beginning.

Then, if you require additional hormonal support, a must read for woman health is the book Creating and Maintaining Balance. A Woman's guide to safe, natural hormone health by Holly Lucille, ND, RN

Last but certainly not least...beauty!

When it comes to woman health, I love talking about beauty. It too is simple. Here's my quick story.

I am 50 years old and have been told, and believe, that I look like I'm in my 30's. My grandmother is pictured with the red hat ladies above. She's the one on the far left and was 100 years old when that picture was taken.

Now, I believe that genetics is part of why I continue to look younger than I am. I also believe that since I've been taking the most advanced nutritional supplements available to me for the last 15 years (yes, I have changed what I take based on advancing technology), that my aging process has slowed.

My hair is still plenty thick, my skin supple, and I rarely get sick. My demeanor is happy-go-lucky and my libido is better than ever.

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Oh, and I also use non toxic body wash, shampoo and conditioners, lotions, etc. These products are not specific to woman health, so share them with others in your life. Here's what I use:

Body Wash
Facial Spray

I don't use this yet...but, I'm sure glad it's available so that when I need it, it will be there!

Non-surgical Face Lift

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