Why Am I So Tired?

My mom asked me the question, "Why am I so tired"? So tired after work, that she would have to nap.

Balanced nutrition can provide your body with energy for the day. She had been taking supplements for years and we looked at that first.

We talked about the differences in pills and liquid nutrients. How technology has advanced because pills aren't providing what our bodies need. For example, more people are taking calcium than ever before, yet more people have bone and joint problems than ever before.

I've followed the science of Linus Pauling for years. He's the scientist that said Vitamin C was so great...

...back in the 1950's!

When you add in today's technology, there are products that give your body nutrition right away, better even than eating, because many people have trouble with digestion.

Belching, or other means of passing gas are signs that your digestion is out of sorts. Asking your body to take pills when it cannot use them, doesn't help. Taking a liquid that goes into the cells of the body, without digestion, is easier. Not just easier, it works.

This all made sense to my mom, so she started taking an all-in-one liquid nutritional product daily and stopped having to nap!

Other benefits?

One bottle lasts a month. Save money and shelf space by eliminating most other pills. Not only that, but if the entire family takes supplements, the entire family can take this supplement instead! Reduce the stress of digestion and increase nutritent absorption by nearly 100%.

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Hi Definition Nutrition
Hi Definition Nutrition for Kids

There are many things that happen when you provide your body with advanced nutrition. Your body will naturally detoxify. Typically, when you're put on a detox program, fatigue is increased. Instead, by providing the body with nutritional supplements that allow GRADUAL detoxifying, fatigue is avoided. Sure, it takes longer! However, any program that's more comfortable, is a program that people will stick with. Here's to your success at changing YOUR health story!

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