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Water vs Soda Health Story

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This health story about water vs soda is funny, in hindsight.

When I first met my sweetie, he wasn't into health and wellness. I thought I would ease him into it by having him start simply.

Well, you would'a thought I was a crazy woman telling him to quit drinking soda and just drink water!

"I don't like the taste of water. I drink about 8 soda's a day".

So, since he also didn't take supplements, we talked about adding liquid vitamins to his water.

That didn't go over too good.

So, he decided to CHUG IT! and follow it with water, and that worked to get one glass down first thing in the morning.

That's all it took! Over time, he started to crave water more than sodas!

Several months later he told another soda drinker, "I used to keep the soda machine at work going. Now, I just have one once in a while".

Water is necessary for lots of things. Taking nutrients into the cells and taking waste out of the cells are just a couple basic CELLULAR functions. When a cell is nourished, it remains healthy and able to fight. When a cell is nourished, it will replicate other healthy cells. Cells make up your entire body. Nourish them all, simply, with water and quality liquid cellular nutrition.

Most sodas are water with chemicals added. Including phosphorus which carbonates it. This process actually causes calcium to leach out of bone! The day I heard that, is the day I stopped drinking sodas.

Learn about how you can improve your cellular health here:

Look~Feel~Live To The MAX

Facts about Diet Soda & Weight Gain

Do you have other addictions? Many times we have cravings or addictions because of nutritional deficiencies!

Crazy isn't it?

There's a very healthy alternative to addictions like soda, sweets, smokes, and others.

What is it?


What is so exciting, is that "greens" can be obtained through this new technology too!

Read about it through this link.

Liquid Greens

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