How does Stress affect Health?

How does stress affect health? Through stress factors.
Here are a few stories.

A man comes into the emergency room with chest discomfort. Sweating, cool and pale, prompt treatment is rendered and within minutes his discomfort is gone.

While waiting on the lab work, the nurse taking his health history finds no risk factors like smoking, obesity, poor diet, or age. She does notice he looks scared. He should. Heart attacks are a scary thing! They are the number one cause of death in the United States today but, he's not in pain, and usually the fear goes when the pain goes.

Then this man says, "My brother died last year about this time with a sudden heart attack, right after dad died. They never did find out why". He told the nurse that his brother had been very close to their dad. Could stress have been a factor?

This man spent the last year grieving for his father and brother. He admitted he was having difficulty coping and constantly worried about his own chance of dying suddenly. Was stress the reason for his chest discomfort?

How does stress affect health? Through stress factors. You've read about them in the news or heard it on the radio. You've heard about them from others going through them. Some causes of emotional stress in our lives are: Hating your job; not having enough money to do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want; getting sick; fighting among family or close friends; weddings; divorces; funerals; births; not having enough time in the day to get everything done; driving when there are idiots on the road; listening to the news; and especially poor nutrition.

I'm sure you could come up with a wide variety of others, but in a nutshell, stress factors are whatever is occurring in your life and the lives around you that "stress" you.

Having a "best friend" is the number one way many people relieve emotional stress. A best friend can be anyone who will listen to you and support you. They may not necessarily agree with you, but they are there for you to express yourself. It may be a friend or even family member. If you do not have someone to talk with, there are counselors which are available through many sources.

How does stress affect health? Much less...with attention to emotional health!

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How does stress affect health? Through stress factors.

A woman comes into the clinic with abdominal discomfort. In taking the health history, the patient states she's had no bowel movement for several days.

She'd had daily movements up until a few months ago when her son had moved back in with her. He'd separated from his wife after losing his job as an auto worker because the company was 'downsizing'. Her routine became irregular.

Could it be stress?

She was shuffling her grandchildren back and forth to various school events so her son could make money by delivering pizza's. She was also eating fast foods on the run instead of home cooking. In addition to that, she complained of having difficulty sleeping because she couldn't get her mind to shut off once she did get to bed.

Medicine treats symptoms. She felt better after that immediate need was taken care of, but what about after she went home?

How does stress affect health? Through every body system.

There are different types of stress. Emotional stress and physical stress. Both affect health. The first story related how emotional stress could have effected physical health. The second story related how emotional and physical stress could have affected physical health. Next?

Physical stress can affect emotional health. Taking on tasks that limit our ability to rest, are over-strenuous, or affect our dietary choices cause us to become irritable. That irritability is expressed through repression or expression. Becoming quiet can become dangerous, leading to depression. Expression through yelling, arguing, or physical aggression can lead to many unwanted results. Co-workers are often our closest outlet. Being aware of each others changes in behavior and being able to kindly offer support is imperative.

Physical stress can begin in utero! The effects on the unborn child from what the mother eats, drinks, and sleeps are minimized to a degree because the body prioritizes. The body will take nutrients and fluids necessary for the baby at the expense of the mother. It may not be enough and result in miscarriage, birth defects, or eventual complications not recognized until later in life.

Physical stress occurs at delivery also. An infant is typically manipulated out of the womb, whether delivering vaginally or by c-birth. Pulling and twisting are maneuvers to get that baby out! Often times this leads to illness because of spinal misalignment. If untreated, those develop into chronic illness.

Physical stress always occurs after surgery. When the body is knitting tissues back together, adhesions (scar tissue inside the body) can develop. A friend of mine had to return to have knee surgery because the adhesions had developed into areas that kept her knee from bending. They actually had to 'put her out' so they could forcefully bend her knee enough to break the adhesions free!

Another person had abdominal surgery and the adhesions, over time, caused partial intestinal blockages. Fortunately for him, he's learned an alternative to repeat surgery (to release adhesions) and repeat development of adhesions. A back swing!

I personally had adhesions develop from when I had an appendectomy at the age of 9. I didn't know until I couldn't become pregnant. When they did a laparoscopy, they found a solid wall of scar tissue blocking the path to the fallopian tubes. Once they clipped those, I was pregnant within a few months.

Chiropractic therapy using the Pettibon system is a method for rejuvenating and renewing the spine from physical stress. My practitioner has a great website you can learn from. Then find one in your area after you know what to look for!

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How does stress affect health? Through stress factors.

Whether emotional or physical, there is one nutrient that is depleted quicker with stress and required the most!

Vitamin B. It's called "the stress vitamin".

It's water soluble. It's the reason people who take vitamins have bright yellow urine. It's the reason medical doctors have said that you're peeing out your vitamins and they don't work.

B vitamins work together. That's important to know.

Some people take B-6, or B-12.

Taking a high quality, fully absorbable, B-complex vitamin is imperative when stressed.

How does stress affect health? Much less with proper nutrition!

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Imbalanced nutrition can actually be the single most important cause of stress. Researchers at the University of Southampton studied over 1800 three-year-old children, some with and some without ADHD, some with and some without allergies. After initial behavioral testing, all of the children got one week of a diet without any artificial food colorings and without any chemical preservatives. The children's behavior measurably improved during this week. But was this from the extra attention, from eating more fruits and vegetables, or from the absence of the preservatives and artificial colors?

To answer this question, the researchers continued the diet, but gave the children disguised drinks containing either a mixture of artificial colorings and the preservative benzoate, or similarly colored drinks from natural food sources. The weeks that children got the hidden chemicals, their behavior was substantially worse. This held true whether or not they had been diagnosed with hyperactivity, and whether or not they had tested positive for allergies.

Children aren't the only ones affected by nutrition! This multi-vitamin, multi-mineral provides nourishment in a balanced form so you don't have to guess what you're deplete in!

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Now you've got it! How does stress affect health? Through stress factors! And now, you've got the answers to managing ways that stress may affect your health! Ahhh, that's a load off!

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