heart attack, acid reflux, stomach pain

Stomach Pains...

he thought he was having a

Heart Attack!

...and he wasn't the first person I heard that from! Stomach pains are described in a variety of ways. In this case, it was described as "sharp pains in my chest". He was very anxious, breathing fast and shallow. His skin color was fine, although it felt moist.

"Take me to the Emergency Room"! I grabbed some Aloe Gel and said, "Here, drink this while we drive". Why?

As an RN, working in a hospital, under the direction of a variety of physicians, we "rule out" certain problems in order to determine what the actual problem is. In a nutshell,

when people get relief of their chest pain with antacids, it's one way we can rule out a heart attack.

Aloe gel is better than any antacid. It allows your body to heal itself. Not only that, but with regular use, your body will actually build the mucosal lining up to 3 times 'thicker'.

I've had more success recommending the Aloe gel (my favorite is Lily of the Desert) than the juice. It's clear and thick and a bit salty. Mix it in a couple ounces of water and drink it down.

Back to our drive to the ER.

"I don't believe this, I feel better already"!

We did check into the ER and make sure, and then went home when all tests came back clear. He took Aloe gel 3 times a day for the first bottle, 2 times a day for the next bottle, and once daily for the 3rd bottle.

That's how he changed his health story, and so have several others since this happened. Why? Because when you learn how something works, you recommend it to others. Hopefully, they'll have the same experience.

That is just exactly what happened to another friend of mine. She worked as a nurse also, and was telling me almost exactly the same scenario. So, I told her our story. I don't recall if she called me, or I checked back with her, but she had the same response. Recently, I checked back with her and she continues to be free of stomach pains by using a supplement with Aloe on a daily basis. That's how she's changed her health story!

P.S. Your body is not deficient in antacids

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