Stop Stomach Bloating!

Who hasn't had trouble with stomach bloating? What you may not know, is there are multiple causes and you may have more than one.

Let's start with GAS!

A friend of mine (really...not me), was having bloating stomach trouble with both belching and passing.

"It's gotten so common I'm not even embarrassed about it anymore. I belch when I drink sodas, especially when I eat. I [pass gas] a lot. I'm not sure that it's related to anything really but it [can] get pretty bad [smelling]."

We reviewed her dietary habits. Soda is carbonated, so that is a bit of it.

She was also eating lots of bread and pasta, not the whole grain ones, the processed ones.


Your body needs foods as close to raw as possible. No, that does not mean eating dough! Unprocessed foods like whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and nuts to mention a few...

That's where you get the enzymes for life! When you cook, heat, or otherwise process foods, it reduces the amount of enzymes you'll get from that food.

Have you heard of "Digestive" enzymes?

Probably on the news, or in the store. But, did you know that your own body produces them? Enzymes in your own mouth, stomach, pancreas and intestines? They break down food for your use. Unfortunately, we don't have enzymes that break down "junk food" or processed food. Those foods get fat.

Drinking lots of fluids with a meal dilutes your body's digestive enzymes. Food just sits there.


Causing stomach bloating from gas.

Until out it comes. One way, or the other.

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Moving on to INDIGESTION! Pain that may be relieved by eating, but just for a bit. That's because the food temporarily gives your stomach acids something to work on. Did you know that when you take a lot of antacids, your body will produce more acid to handle the digestion of your food? It's a vicious cycle! Your body needs that acid to digest the food.

A friend of mine had been diagnosed with a disorder where acid would come up from her stomach and burn so badly it caused intense pain, in addition to stomach bloating. She was very careful about the foods she ate, but often it would flare up anyway. When I told her about Aloe gel she was skeptical. Even so, she tried it.

Aloe gel (not juice) tastes like salty jello. It's not going to win any taste awards. The body will increase the lining of it's mucous membranes (esophagus, stomach, intestines) up to 3 times when given Aloe gel.

Once that occurs, regular maintenance can be achieved with a good supplement providing aloe.

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Stomach bloating can be related to infrequent or irregular BOWEL MOVEMENTS!

Moving, moving, moving...that is what your digestive system (from your mouth to your stomach to your end) is supposed to do efficiently. How often do you have a bowel movement?

One friend said, "Oh, about once a week." Yuck! I bet you would have stomach bloating.

Imagine just one meal sitting inside you for a week. Now, if you're like most people, you eat 2-3 meals, minimum, per day. OK, minimum. 2 meals x 7days = 14 meals, right? 14 meals per week, minimum.

Betcha don't have a bowel movement that big!

That means, one or two meals came out, right? If you are not having 2 bowel movements a day, we need to get you going. Water helps soften stools. Your body is not deficient in laxatives or stool softeners. Fiber helps keep the movement going and is very simple to get. Vegetables. Fruit has fiber, but the sugar is high, so take fruits with a meal, or if snacking, with nuts. If you take a fiber supplement, or just plain psyllium (my favorite for unclogging the pipes), take plenty of water with it or you will may get more constipated.

Alcohol slows, really slows, everything. Many medications also slow things down - or speeds them up.

That moves us to the next story (same topic)________________

Moving, moving, moving....whoa! Got the trots? One of my mom's friends had been diagnosed with an intestinal disorder where she'll have sudden loose or liquid stools.

"It just wears me out. My stomach hurts when it hits me. I get bloated for quite a while. I never really have a normal bowel movement. I'm either constipated, or running to the bathroom. Then, I'm not always sure I'm done."

She was told to go easy on the vegetables and fiber and told not to eat breads or drink sodas. Those were a few of her restrictions. They put her on medicine and told her to reduce her stress because that was a big cause of it.

"So now they've got me on antidepressants too, but nothing really helps".

What really helps, is naturally replenishing your stress vitamins, your B-vitamins. They are water soluble, so easily used and not always readily replenished.

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We talked about one of the functions of the intestines. Nutrient absorption. How was she to get her nutrients with all this stomach bloating? Cellular. This is important for you to know. When you take nutrients that don't require digestion, your body benefits. Less stress on your body, more nutrient absorption, leads to aaahhhh....balanced bowels! Anyone you know need this?

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Stomach bloating can be the result of a backed up intestinal system. For information on colon cleansing and a product to help, click this link:


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