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Start with the Sun

Skin health supplements are numerous. I'll mention some at the end of this story, but truly, start with the sun. We've been taught for years that to have skin health, we need to protect it from the sun. That's not exactly true...

A woman in her 40's started having to take large doses of Vitamin D after going to the doctor for her annual checkup.

She was having vague complaints. Frequent minor illnesses, fatigue she attributed to aging, and generalized muscle pains. Her doctor had just returned from a medical conference and had learned that these complaints could be from a nutritional deficiency, so he checked her Vitamin D level and it was very low. Putting her on Vitamin D pills the treatment.

Medicine treats symptoms, it does not address the cause of deficiency!

Your body requires the sun to make vitamin D, and foods to provide Vitamin D. She routinely stayed out of the sun and wore sun block regularly because of what she'd heard in the news. She also didn't eat any of the foods like fatty fish, or organ meats that contain a natural source of Vitamin D. There are different forms of this vitamin. Some are more usable by the body, that's called "bio-available".

Our bodies make enough Vitamin D for a week when skin is exposed to the sun for only 20 minutes.

Instead of getting it from the sun, taken as an oral supplement, the same amount could be toxic. Here's one skin health supplement that takes that into consideration, along with the complete balance of all the nutrients you need for a basic foundation. Yes, it's bio-available!

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Several months after taking natural supplements and spending 20 minutes in the morning sun, this woman's vitamin D levels had returned to normal. She also had more energy, was staying well, and those little muscle pains were gone!

And what about sunscreens as skin health supplements? I only recommend those that are not laden with chemicals. Go to a health store or do an internet search to find the best for your situation. Only use them if you plan on spending several hours outside in the middle of the day.

Humans have always lived with the sun, even those with fair skin. We need sun on our skin to be healthy.

Spend some time every day in light shade, morning or evening sunshine. If it's high sun exposure time, spend between 10 and 30 minutes outside, depending on where you live, then cover up with protective clothing, hats, or umbrellas. A light tan is actually protective against melanoma."

Do a search for 'alternative' sunscreens to find something you like.

CAUTION NOTE: Keys Soap Solar Rx Therapeutic Sunblock, actually contains nano-materials, particles so tiny they can go through your skin. The Organic Consumers Association thinks these products should be labeled and regulated as potentially dangerous.

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