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Pet Joint Health

for dogs and cats

I want to start this page on pet joint health by making a statement. Our pets are our families. Having said that, a quality life is of utmost importance to us and our pets.

There's a book I'd like to reference, called Great Lives, Great Deeds, which was premiered in Reader’s Digest. The first principle, 'Learn all your life', is something we think pets can't do. Ever heard the saying "You can't teach an old dog new tricks"? Sure you can! They don't get stupid, they just get set in their ways. Really, do you try to teach your old dog new tricks?

The common pet owner doesn't ever try to teach cats. They are independent individuals!

'nuff said...

The next principles, as defined by the author, are 'Fundamentals of Life':

1. Take care of your health.
2. Develop a philosophy/ faith of life.
3. Knowledge is Power.

Do you see that the very first one is to 'take care of your health'? It is your responsibility to take care of your pet's health. So, let's look at how to do that with regard to joints.

The reason I'm focusing on pet joint health, is because it's the number one cause of pet owner concern. It's so hard to see your pet move when they are in pain. Let's stop that, because we can.

I'd like to refer you to a brochure which beautifully educates us about products which impact pet joint health.
Animal Hip & Joint Support

Wasn't that great information? When it comes to pet joint health, there are similarities to our own joint health, the big differences are in the balance and completeness of ingredients. Here's a joint health product for humans so you can compare.
Pet Owner Joint Support product

See? There's a little less glucosamine, a lot more MSM and Chondroitin, and about the same amount of Collegen II.

This pet joint health product provides ingredients and dosages based on clinical research studies. This synergistic blend is designed to create an environment within the pet to help promote joint health and comfort.

Here's another pearl, it doesn't do the pet any good to take our product or vise versa, and here's why. We are uniquely distinct in our physique. Don't get me wrong, I've known people who give their pet the same products that they themselves take. Their pet may do better initially but, over time we may create an imbalance that wasn't originally present.

Of course, you may already have your pet on a joint health product, so I'd like to have you look at this comparison chart. Refering back to the third 'fundamentals of Life', knowledge is power.
Hip & Joint Support: Competitive Comparison Chart

Pet joint health testimonials, dosage amounts, and a slew of information are combined in this wonderful brochure.
Hip and Joint Support for dogs: Brochure

What about the second 'fundamental of life'? Pets don't have a philosophy of life, or faith of life. They instinctively love. Unless you're a creepazoid and altered their behavior, share in their love.

That's all folks!

Oh, here are the links to purchase the dog and cat hip and joint health support products:
Hip & Joint Support: for cats
Hip & Joint Support: for dogs

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