Hip Joint Pain is second only to Knee Joint Pain

My grandmother had hip joint pain. When she was in her 70's, she complained to the doctor about it.

Now, this was back in the early 1980's. Her doctor didn't dare recommend surgery to her. He knew that when older folks had hip surgery, primarily after a fall, they risked getting pneumonia and dying! For her hip joint pain, non-surgical relief was recommended. My grandmother's doctor told her she could either walk regularly or get a wheel chair. Oh, my! She was insulted. That was pretty good medicine because she started walking.

She always stayed active in the community. She would visit people in the nursing home, play bingo, provide service through church functions, and later in life took care of my grandfather for several years.

Today, we know and accept that MOVING will improve pain. When she quit walking, her pain increased.

As her hip joint pain increased, she became more immobile to the point where she would sit in her recliner, only getting up to go to the bathroom a few times a day. She still got up on Friday mornings to get her hair done, and on Sundays to go to church.

Because of the pain, she didn't drink as much water. She said it hurt too bad to get up to go to the bathroom! She developed hallucinations at one point when her dehydration led to a urinary tract infection. Hallucinations are often the first sign of UTI in the elderly! It was awful, hearing her talk about people coming out of the television and sitting around in her living room and she didn't know who they were or why they were there.

The causes of joint pain can be related to a structural problem or nutrition. That's pretty simple isn't it?

Look at this list to see if you have any of these complaints:

    1. Hip Joint Pain

    2. Knee Joint Pain

    3. Sacroiliac Joint Pain (si joint pain)

    4. Joint Pain arthritis

    5. Finger Joint Pain

    6. Big Toe Joint Pain

    7. Elbow Joint Pain

    8. Thumb Joint Pain

    9. Shoulder Joint Pain

    10. Ankle Joint Pain

    11. Toe Joint Pain

There are also complaints of "bone and joint pain", "chronic joint pain", and "joint pain and swelling". These are more generalized and for good reason. Over the years, we become more and more toxic. Poor nutrition, inadequate water intake and altered elimination lead to chronic pains and swelling.

Taking calcium hasn't helped improve bone and joint trouble. Why? Cheap ingredients, fillers and binders make up the majority of ingredients in the most popular calcium pills. Calcium pills are not used well by the body. Some calcium is just ground up rocks and isn't used at all, but stored because the body can't use it but doesn't know what else to do with it. Calcium is an important nutrient, but not by itself. Vitamin D, magnesium, and other nutrients work with calcium.

Bone spurs are caused by taking calcium that your body deposits when it can't use it. Taking the right kind of calcium with the nutrients it needs to work together, will cause your body to stop producing spurs, and even begin to eliminate them naturally.

Movement is the single most important way to reduce pain and swelling of joints. Structure, alignment, and daily exercises are required to maintain bone and joint function.

Proper balanced nutrition is the single most important way to provide your body with what it needs to restore bone.

Here are the steps for you to keep moving with energy and less pain on a regular basis:

    Get moving: Immediately and daily as often as you can

    Take quality nutritional supplements with adequate amounts of water: Start with this basic foundational product for the first 6-8 weeks.

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    Take additional calcium/magnesium as needed: Add this supplement for additional support only after your basic nutrition has been achieved.

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    Take additional bone & joint specific nutrients as needed: Add this supplement for additional support only after the above two steps. They all work together but only if needed.

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Less is more. When it comes to nutrition, once balance is achieved, additional supplements may no longer be needed.

Your spine is intended to have natural curves and alignment. Whether you have hip joint pain or other health issues, consult with a practitioner who can provide relief through restoring those curves and alignment.

Note:Sudden stabbing sharp pains in the smaller joints can be incapacitating! Imbalanced nutrition is the ONLY cause of this pain. For chronic sharp pain in these smaller joints, start with the nutrition rather than the movement.

Note: Your body will NATURALLY detox when given the nutrition it needs. Many detox programs over-stress your body when it's already in a less than well state.

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