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Let's get started with some basic, simple health tips. You must start here, to build a foundation of health. This website is a work in progress, please visit often. Is there other information you're looking for? You'll eventually find it on this website, or through links to others I've added for you. Contact me for information you'd like added to the site.

Let's go!

1. Organic foods are actually recognized by the body as food! Processed foods are not. That's why everyone is eating so much! They are starving! Quality beats quantity. Click this link to see just how easy preparing food can be. Organic Food Recipes

2. Water serves many functions. One of them is to aid in weight loss. Hate water? Drink it anyway! Live a Lot!

3. Breathe - Take a deep breath right now. Belly breathe. A deep cleansing breath will add the fuel of oxygen to your energy starved cells.

4. Feel - Do you hurt anywhere right now? Do you have numbness, tingling, aches and pains? Are you tired? Wired? Our nervous system (not our nerves or who is 'on our nerves') integrates our entire body. See a specialist in spinal rejuvenation!

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5. Smile. Was that hard? If it was, you may need to replenish your B vitamins. Those help your body adapt to our daily stresses. Since they're water soluble, you can take them several times a day until that smile becomes common!

6. Straighten up! Sit up, stand straight, pick your feet up, walk, hold up your head, stretch, breathe! It all helps each of the body systems. They won't be crowded, they'll have enough oxygen, they'll be able to absorb nutrients and get rid of toxins, and you'll start to change YOUR health story!

7. Special issues on nutrition for the elderly, living wills, a diet for adhd, and more can be found here:

9. Help others, use your word power to donate!

Read throughout this site to learn more detail about these tips through Stories of Health Change

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