Have Leg Cramps Kept You Awake?

Restless cramping legs. They jerk, they ache...when you have leg cramps it is miserable. Have you been told that your child has "growing pains" when they kick the wall or you while they're trying to sleep? The medical doctor may have said there was nothing to be done for it. Well, there is something you can do! Here's a story and some information about leg cramps.

My friend and co-worker said she had a 9 year old daughter who kicked in her sleep. Many people have stories about this, young to old. Calcium deficiency is often the culprit. Or is it? Science has shown that mineral deficiencies are the cause of many complaints. One key to resolving this is balance. Just replacing calcium often isn't the solution!


Each nutrient works together to create a solid foundation. We've found that other minerals like Vitamin D and magnesium help calcium work. In building your health, as in building anything, without the proper foundation there is no support.

When this child, along with others with similar complaints, was provided with the proper balance, it changed her health story! Her mom told me, "The very first night, and every night since she started taking her nutrients, she hasn't kicked even once"!

Drinking too much alcohol can cause you to have leg cramps too, because it leads to calcium deficiencies. Carbonated drinks can bind with calcium too.

Taking calcium supplements that are not utilized by the body can lead to leg cramps too. Not all supplements are created equal. Just ask yourself this question. Why are more and more people taking calcium and more and more people have trouble with arthritis? The reason is because they don't have a good foundation and they're not taking the right kind of calcium!

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