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Here's some background information, before you decide to chose me as your Wellness Consultant.

I have worked as a RN in hospitals since 1983. "Wellness" was not part of my training. Continuing education classes always focused on illness and injury.

When I was introduced to health through nutrition in 1995, it was with a network marketing organization. They had the most fabulous training in nutritional therapies. When following their direction, myself and my family benefited greatly!

In my exuberance, I introduced the information to everyone I knew. I was rebuffed. Wellness had no place in the medical industry. Fortunately, little by little, that is changing.

Now, you can do a search on the internet for alternative or complimentary therapies, nutritional health and wellness, and other issues to get all kinds of information.

My philosophy is 'keep it simple'. As a matter of fact, my business name is Simple Wellness...your health depends on it.

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