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To compare nutritional supplements, we usually start with the product label. However, we shouldn't stop there.

With today's technology, some supplements are produced to assure that they will be more readily absorbed by the body. An all-in-one liquid supplement typically provides the body with the best nourishment.

Some liquid supplements are "just another juice". That's because a single ingredient can have a high oxygen radical absorbancy capacity score (level of antioxidants), with less nutritive value than a full spectrum supplement.

"All-in-one" means it has nutritional value and a high ORAC score. Combining nutrition with a high score is optimal for health.

Click on this link for a great comparison chart and make sure you look at both pages:

Comparison Chart

The supplement I recommend, is one in which the company is in complete control. From the first fruit, to the end product. Each batch has quality controls done. They have their own research and development lab which allows them to create wellness products under pharmaceutical conditions.

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Hi-Definition Nutrition
Hi-Def Nutrition for Kids!

Always read the ingredients lists for fillers, binders, waxes, or even thickening agents. These provide no nutrition. Here's an ingredient glossary page to search an item in question:


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