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Coffee Addiction?

Is coffee addiction a drug addiction? What are the causes of addiction? What are signs of addiction? What kinds of things can you be addicted to? These are just a few questions answered in this story.

Anything you think you can't do without (but can) is an addiction. We're going to address ingestables (things you eat, drink, snort, or shoot up for example) here. Why?

Often, they are related to a mineral deficiency. There's a very inexpensive and healthy way to find out!

Here's a story about that very thing.

A lady who smoked over a pack of cigarettes a day, and drank over 2 pots of coffee a day, asked for help.

At the time, she was rail thin and complained of irritability and not sleeping well. She couldn't imagine what she would "do with her hands" if she quit smoking. Especially, when she drove distances to take her kids to game practices, church, and work.

"I've tried to quit, but I can't have a cup of coffee without a cigarette."

Was this a coffee addiction, or was it the cigarettes?

Whichever it was, we discussed mineral deficiency as often being a causative factor for "needing" something to eat, drink, or smoke.

What about carbohydrate addiction? Sweets? Chocolate?

Yes, those too can be related to mineral deficiencies.

For example, women deficient in seratonin will crave chocolate. Seratonin helps with mood.

Why do pregnant women crave different foods? Pregnancy changes the mother's mineral levels to provide adequate amounts for the baby.

What are minerals? Nutrients obtained from food. Unfortunately, when we eat processed foods, we aren't getting the raw, natural minerals only found in nature.

Adding minerals to processed foods does not satisfy the body's needs. Eating quality foods - minimally processed, raw, organic, etc - in the right amounts, is often difficult in today's economy and availability.

The easiest and most consistent way to achieve a proper balance of minerals is to take a supplement that provides them.

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In addition to this "basic" supplement (to restore a possible mineral deficiency), we added a "green" nutrient.

Greens will alkalize your body. This particular green product is liquid, cellular nutrition. Pure chlorophyll! That means your body is satisfied, rather than searching. A coffee addiction is notorious for keeping your body in an acidic environment. Take a teaspoon of this nutrient the next time you want a cigarette, piece of cake, or drink of vodka!

Stir up a glass of "greens" water for a brisk minty drink. Add a touch of lemon or honey to change the flavor if desired. It will stain anything it touches so be careful! Ever try to get out a grass stain?

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