A Cause of Headache

This is just one cause of headache. There are many others, but this is such a simple fix, it's a good start. You can't think, much less perform, when you have a headache! I know, because I've had plenty of them.

Sometimes I think they should be called

headATTACKS! or


For years, no matter what I'd tried...lights out, no noise, ice, heat, lying down, sitting up, or medications, it hurt!

I was sure my head would explode because the pressure would get so bad. Finally, I would pass out from exhaustion, and wake up exhausted, and sore...like my head had been used in someone's basketball game.

Fortunately, I rarely have them now. Why?

My pain was related to a nutritional deficiency. How do I know that? Because, when I started taking supplements, the pain went away.

I found out that our bodies heal when given proper nutrients.

I don't know WHAT my body lacked either, because the supplement was an all-in-one. That means that whatever nutrient my body needed for that particular pain was in there.

A balance of nutrients works best in many situations.

Don't take JUST a B complex vitamin. Don't take JUST a Magnesium or Calcium product. DO take a good, quality, supplement that provides readily available nutrition to your body. Give your body the chance to change it's health story!

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This quote really hits it on the head (pun intended):

"You do not have a headache because your body is deficient in aspirin"!

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