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When You Cant Sleep

Cant sleep? Statistically speaking, you're one of everyone! The statistics only change when you look at the duration, or how long you're not able to sleep.

Yes, everyone at some point cant sleep.

There are common reasons, uncommon reasons, and some that you just may not be aware of. We'll touch on some. Contact Me if you have a specific issue not covered, and I'll research and cover it!

Worry is one of the most common reasons. Starting as a child, we worry about so many things don't we? Rarely can you do anything about it at 3:00 a.m. Nevertheless, we stay awake when our subconscious could give us solutions to what is worrying us.

Worry = stress

If you have stress, read this story for some solutions:
How Does Stress Affect Health

Alcohol is another common reason some cant sleep. Alcohol causes the release of adrenaline and disrupts the sleep cycle. It's ironic that some people take a drink to get to sleep!

Pets. The number two cause of insomnia today. I know it drives me crazy when my dog decides to clean herself at 2:00 a.m. Pets are also often allowed onto the bed. Try to change positions when there's a cat or dog sleeping right next to you! Pets also have keen hearing. Their sudden movements, or noises will typically wake you. Once awake, it's hard or impossible to get back to sleep. Might as well get up.

Light. Our bodies were intended to sleep in darkness. There's a gland in our body that secretes Melatonin when we're in total darkness as a natural sleep aid. As we age, the amount diminishes. If you must sleep in the light, simply supplement. Even a little light, from a night light or digital clock can reduce or eliminate the release of Melatonin. Just be aware of that as a potential problem.

Toxicities. We put ourselves through so much. Stress causes acidity. Poor nutrition can lead to constipation (garbage in but no garbage out). Poor air quality. Poor water quality. Once we lay down, our body is still in a rev-it-up mode.

Dis-orders or dis-eases can lead to insomnia.

Prescription drugs given for disorders or diseases can have a side effect of insomnia.

Caffeine hasn't been proven in studies to affect the duration of sleep. What hasn't been studied is how long it takes to go to sleep depending on the last caffeine intake. After dinner coffee, a caffeinated soda, even teas close to bedtime may affect you. There's only one way to find out...keep a diary with the time of food & drink and time you attempted to go to sleep. See if there's a correlation.

Some foods can help us sleep. Bananas and turkey have a natural sleep aid that seems to benefit many people. Hey! Guys know what I mean...think back to the last Super Bowl party where you had big thick turkey sandwiches from leftover Thanksgiving turkey! Everybody took a snooze in the lounger right?

Having a bad mattress or pillow. Your body needs to mold itself into sleep, not be molded by your mattress or pillow into insomnia! If you cant sleep because you can't get comfortable, consider purchasing new ones.

Mis-alignment. If YOU are internally misaligned, you won't get comfortable even with a good mattress or pillow! Consider going to a Pettibon practitioner. It's a means of restoring, renewing and rejuvenating the spine and nervous system: Spine Doc

My own personal story mimics many others I've related to. Periods of sleepless nights that were caused by each and every one of the reasons I've already stated above. I'm an expert at insomnia! My story gets better though with an unexpected turn. Health through nutrition can work on insomnia! Once I started taking a daily quality liquid all-in-one supplement, I quit having the sleepless nights. REALLY! Well, the dog still irritates me and wakes me, but I get back to sleep easily.

Hi-Definition Nutrition

Address each of these causes, see if they apply to you, then take action! Get some healthy (7 hours) consistent sleep! Don't forget the children, their sleep is important too.

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