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Allergy Induced Asthma

In this case, a food allergy induced asthma for years, before this gentleman found out. Induced means caused.

As the story goes, he'd been taking breathing treatments several times a day, for what he'd been told, was asthma.

One day, even his breathing treatments couldn't help him breathe! Can you imagine not being able to breathe? What a scary feeling it must have been. His wife drove him to the E.R. not knowing whether they would make it or not. Once they got him stabilized, the E.R. doctor, having had experience with both allergies and asthma, questioned whether his asthma could have been related to a food allergy.

As suggested to him, he went to another doctor who specialized in allergy testing. Lo and behold he was found to have significant allergies to wheat and dairy. In this situation, restricting his dietary habits, his asthma resolved. Wow!

Immunity vs Intolerance

Now here's something a lot of people don't realize. There are true "allergic responses" which indicates an immunity issue, and then there are "intolerances".

For example, if a "wheat allergy" is related to immunity, it can cause skin rashes, fatigue, headache, heart palpitations, joint pain, and watery itchy eyes. Like any allergy, it can exacerbate over time if not recognized, as in this gentleman's case. Eliminating wheat and any byproducts are essential for survival.

Celiac Disease is classified as a genetic disorder. It is a digestive "intolerance to gluten" found in some whole grains. You can have the some of the same symptoms as an allergy, to a point. Restricting wheat is recommended, but it won't kill you if you have some periodically.

Any time you have a restrictive diet recommended for health concerns, whether it's self imposed or medically recommended, it's critical to take supplements. Liquid is best, especially a liquid that does not require digestion.

Lessening stress on the digestive system while providing nourishment to the cells of the body is key.

Nutritional health is not a gimmick or marketing ploy. It is based on real scientific studies backed by years of innovative research with worldwide, recognized breakthroughs in nutritional science. Here's how advanced nutritional supplements have been shown to impact health:

* Meeting your body's nutritional needs. * Neutralizing the effects of stress and free radicals. * Supporting your body's immune system. * Targeting health risks with specialized nutrients.

It takes a combination of multiple factors to effectively help your body manage its health. No ONE special ingredient or ancient berry answers all your body's complex needs. When it comes to food based supplements, having a wider variety is essential.

If you struggle with allergy induced asthma, restore your body's balance with Hi-Definition Nutrition

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