A bit about me...

I am passionate about helping others!

What else about me? Since I was 12 years old, I knew I wanted to be a nurse, just like my mom. She helped people! It took me 6 years, going to school off and on, but finally I became an RN. I loved it!

Then, I was introduced to health through nutrition. You can read some of those stories here. Once I learned how to help people with their health, there was no turning back. But, being an RN, I had to be careful. I fully researched and personally used products I recommended to others. After all, my family and friends were the first people I wanted to help!

I also couldn't step on my employers toes. It was a "conflict of interest" for me to tell a patient that they had other options, beyond the scope of medicine.

What a challenge! Now, working from home, I can help anyone that asks, with no conflict. I simply had to learn how to work from home! I was blessed to be introduced to sources that allowed me to learn step-by-step. You can click these links to start your own journey!

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