Teen Acne Treatment

Searching for a teen acne treatment can be frustrating. This health story is a bit unique. It's a story about cellular technology. Read closely.

This boy was a friend of my daughter. He had very bad acne. It was not just on his face, but included his neck, shoulders and a portion of his chest and back.

He wouldn't take any medication from the doctor for his acne.


"I don't take pills".

OK, how about drinking a liquid vitamin?

"Nope, I'm not taking anything".

OK, how about putting it on your face?

He stared at me. "What do you mean put it on my face"?

I educated him about CELLULAR technology. That means it is absorbed into the cells, even if you just put it on your skin. After all, your skin is the largest organ of the body right?

Maybe his face just needed some good nutrition.

"I can do that".

By the next day, "it's 50% better"!

By the end of the week, "you can hardly tell"!

...that's how he changed his health story.

Since then, there have been others with the same experience, and some with a variation of his experience.

The best results are with consistent use. Once acne is cleared up, drinking the nutrition daily keeps it away. If a zit pops up every once in a while, just dab a bit on it, and watch it disappear!

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