Merry Christmas everyone! I do hope this e-zine finds you healthfully appreciative of the season and all it's meanings.

My message for you today is about balance. Nothing in life, from your personal wholeness, to your environment, to the extension of you through yours is at peace without balance.

Everyone of you has your life that no one truly knows but you. My only request is that you keep learning how to create your balance. Specifically, my ability lies in educating you about a healthy balance through nutrition.

First and foremost, you must drink good water. Water is life. Creating a balance is not difficult. Drinking water may be something that's difficult for you however. I won't go into the details since my last e-zine touched on water vs soda. Suffice it to say that today's recommendation is drinking 1/2 your body wt. in water (ie: 150lbs = 75oz water).

Secondly, you must eat a balance of nutrients. That's why I am so excited about the Vibe! It is a complete balance of the nutrients we need on a daily basis! You don't have to know how much Vitamin C is in what kinds of foods your eating for that day or meal. You don't have to figure out how much of the B-vitamins you need for the amt. of stress your under for that day. You don't need to figure out how much sun you got and how much Vitamin D you need! Just take the ounce of Vibe and have a balanced day!

Thirdly, consider adding in the essential fatty acids. This balances out your good fats. Stay away from transfats, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated foods, etc. Do you know that good fats will balance out not only your fats, but your cholesterol? Good fats reduce inflammation within the blood vessels that cause the liver to send out cholesterol to patch them up!

Fourth, proper elimination. Listen to me. You have GOT to get rid of SOME of what you put in! It's estimated that we have on average 15-30 lbs of waste in us at any given time. Yuck! Our bodies are intended to eliminate EVERY TIME that we eat. Otherwise, you're holding on to toxins that your body didn't see fit to keep, but is holding onto because we're not ridding ourselves of it.

Fifth, get enough rest. What is enough? At least 4 hours of undisturbed rest and a total of at least 7 hours a night. There have been lots of studies about rest. It's rejuvenating and healing. Turn out the lights, turn off night lights, even turn the digital clock away so it doesn't enter your sleep realm. Melatonin is the body's natural sleep aid but your body won't release it in the presence of light! If you need more sleep, go to bed early instead of trying to sleep in.

Sixth, find joy. Seek laughter. Share. Give. After all, Tis the Season!

Find information on everything mentioned in this e-zine at https://www.change-your-healthstory.com

Yours in V!BErant Health, Deb

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