I'm running, running, running! How are you?

First, to update you on my daughter...she's finding that occasional grains don't mess up her blood sugars if she has a bit every 3 or 4 days. She'll be getting her blood work in a few days and have her next appointment next week. Will update you with next month's ezine!

I want to introduce you to a new unique product I've been introduced to recently. The company only has three products! This is to introduce their flagship product.

Have you heard of glutathione?

As a nurse, I knew I had, but couldn't tell you anything else without doing some research. In a nutshell, it's the cell's own master antioxidant.

Here's a simple biology lesson:

Each cell is independent. Each cell has it's own engine (the mitochondria). Each cell produces it's own fuel for the engine (ATP).

Imagine what a car would be worth if it produced it's own fuel!

During the production of that fuel however, an 'oxidative' flame is created. Glutathione is the cell's 'fire extinguisher'...

To put it into perspective, if you have a forest fire and use a helicopter to take buckets of water to put out flames, you only put out small portions - that's what it's like when we take supplements or foods that are antioxidants. They handle a little bit of that oxidation that leads to cell damage from free radicals.

However...if you have a forest fire and glutathione is abundant in each cell, it's like having a lake under the forest and EACH TREE IS IT'S OWN SPRINKLER SYSTEM!

This new product provides the body with the nutrients needed to increase glutathione in cells. It's quantifiable and verifiable by lab tests!

I'm very excited and would love for you all to learn more. Check out this website - and have a healthful day!

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Find information on everything mentioned in this e-zine at https://www.change-your-healthstory.com

Yours in abundant health, Deb

Look~Feel~Live To The MAX