Happy New Year everyone! What an amazing time we're in. Every walk of life is in flux. Even if you personally are not experiencing any, I'm sure that others in your circle of influence are. Whether you're affected or not, be supportive. I've recently had this bashed into my head! Keep love in your heart and be supportive without judgement. Be strong. People out there need our help, but they may not want our help. If you have the information, it is your responsibility to give it to them, but remember it's their choice whether or not they will accept it.

Now, on to today's message:

You can achieve health (a wellness health), on a budget. Here's how. Prioritize your wellness! If you get sick, you can't work and earn the money to pay for anything - being sick is expensive even when you have insurance! They don't pay for it all, and not just that, what about the stress (emotional and physical) it puts on you and those around you! Stay well on purpose, making daily choices to that end, and end up wealthier!

I know I sound like a broken record, but good water is the number one first best choice to achieve and maintain wellness. Water has many functions. The first sign of not drinking enough water is a headache. Water itself promotes an alkalyne environment within your body which helps your body's immune system fight off viruses, bacteria, yeasts, and slows the oxidation in the body which causes damage and mutation of cells. Water is necessary to escort nutrients into the body. Water is necessary to escort wastes out of the body. Not just the body as a whole, but each individual cell! Drink your water! The current recommendation is 1/2 your body weight in ounces. If you weight 160 pounds, you'll drink 80 ounces. You might think that's a lot, but look at your soda bottle, or juice bottle and see what you're already drinking. You can start slow and work your way up, but remember it is the cheapest best first step to wellness.

Recently my oldest daughter discovered the damage that she is causing her body with poor nutrition. She is a Type I diabetic and has been taking insulin to cover her food intake, rather than purposefully eating good foods that would require less insulin. Did you know that the insulin that people take is NOT good for the body? It actually in and of itself causes inflammation in the blood vessels. There is a test called C-reactive protein (CRP) which detects the level of inflammation in the blood vessels. What's interesting is that her good cholesterol was very high. That's because she takes Efacor. An essential fatty acid with clinical trials that show it balances cholesterol levels (apparently despite dietary habits). So, what are we doing? She's temporarily on a protein and fiber meal plan to reverse her inflammation. She's purposefully eliminating grains and sugars. Her carbo's are from veggies only. Grains are a good source of fiber, but they do break down into sugar and fairly quickly! Minimal fruit (she can have 1/2 apple with a handful of nuts for example). Of course, she's on the Vibe too (for balanced nutrition).

She's already reduced her insulin! One chicken breast baked with broccoli and Omega cooking oil in the oven on 350 degrees for 30 minutes is a simple meal for her. Peanut butter on a few celery sticks is a good snack. No more fast food.

This kind of eating also has helped her be regular. Food in, wastes out. Getting enough rest (7 hours minimum) is imperative. Our bodies heal while we sleep. That's why hospital patients struggle so much. They all say "you don't go to the hospital to get rest, I'm so glad to go home".

So...organic foods are more expensive. But, you don't eat as much because they're more satisfying. You can even save money taking the Vibe! How? We have a new 'wholesale buyers club'. You can buy a membership for $39.95. Once you're a club member, you can get the Vibe for wholesale (39.95) forever. Along with all the other products. You do not have to 'sign up' anyone either. This was introduced by our companies owners in direct response to today's economy. You do have to CALL the company if you want this membership. Plus you'll get free shipping on your first order, and $10 credit on your next order.

TAKE VIBE once a day in place of a meal to save even more!!!!!

I will keep you updated on my daughter's situation and feel free to contact me of course. You can do that at my website (info. below).

Find information on everything mentioned in this e-zine at https://www.change-your-healthstory.com

Yours in V!BErant Health, Deb

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