Have you ever been told something by your doctor that caused an immediate emotional response? Of course, we all have.

Whether the emotion is high, or low, that is not the time to make any decision. Our common sense and logic, often times, is over-ridden by these emotions.

Fear ranks number 1.

It's not so bad if you're told your cholesterol is high. Nobody dies of high cholesterol. It "leads to heart disease" and "can be controlled by medication and diet". So, what?

Ahhh, but what if you're told you have cancer? Immediately, we think about dying! There are phrases used, like:

"The only thing this responds to is radiation",

"We have an experimental drug that's showing real promise",

"First we'll have a surgeon remove it, then go from there",

"There's nothing we can do, you have only a few months to live".

That makes me sick! No one can think rationally when told those things. Unfortunately, in the medical environment they do not offer positive alternatives. "Nothing we can do" means nothing the medical community can do, but YOU can!

There are some great things occurring in the medical environment like sending post heart trouble patients to "cardiac rehab", adding massage therapists for a variety of reasons, healing touch to comfort the dying, etc.

However, nutrition is so far behind, it's killing people! Look at the food pyramid. It's a joke! Recently, they told people to eat 10 servings of vegetables a day. Who's going to do that?

Why 10? Because the foods are nutritionally deplete. Cancer is rampant because abnormal cells develop from improper nutrition that leads to poor immune systems.

So, what do we do? Add toxins to the body. Chemo and prescription drugs. Is your body deplete of toxins? Heck, no!

Start nourishing healthy cells of the body and they will overwhelm any abnormal cells that develop. Cancer does not happen overnight. It starts with an abnormal cell that replicates. Many tumors have taken years to develop before they are discovered.

Why make a decision about "treatment" options from a medical perspective right away? Why not research your options? Spend a few days searching the internet, talking to others, or reading books at your local Health Food Store library.

At the same time, spend those days improving your health. Your body will immediately boost immunity with organic foods, exercise, and laughter!

Are you spiritual? Pray positively, asking for an abundant life!

Are you physical? Work-out with a goal of achievement!

Do you have bad habits? Eliminate them and substitute good habits that restore your body's health.

Is your environment toxic? Learn how to detox your home.

Do you have emotional support surrounding you? Get some, or get more! Make sure everyone knows to create positive energies around you or you'll leave! Watch movies or shows that make you laugh. Get a "best joke" email system going for your "laugh of the day".

Find a Naturopathic physician as your 2nd opinion.

Make your decisions for treatment, only after you're free of emotional influences.

Click on the link for V!BE! There is a validated scientific study that shows it has DNA protective properties! Do you know what that means? The body has healthy nourished cells instead of abnormal mutating cells. Hello.

Give me V!BE, or give me ___________ (fill in the blank)