Each month I will send clear information on news you may have seen or heard. The reason for this is two-fold.

First, often times the news is skewed. Have you ever heard of the past "study" done on Vitamin C that showed it's ineffective against colds?

You have to dig, but persistence pays. The study was done by a pharmaceutical company, and the Vitamin C they used was "made" by them (synthetic).

Guess what? Your body does not utilize synthetic Vitamin C, it stores it, just as it stores other chemicals, in your fat cells.

That is why, when people "detox", they get sick. Your fat cells release the toxins.

In my next newsletter, I'll share how to detox gently yet effectively.

The second reason to send clear information, is that what you read is often meant to guide your opinions.

For example, the recent information about drinking water. You can get both pro's and con's about drinking water if you just look in enough places.

Who is behind the information?

When Aquafina and Dasani started impinging on soda sales, the soda companies bought them out!

When the news came out about medications in tap water, those companies started saying it was safer to drink soda because it's water base was pure.

Tap water, in no circumstance is safe to drink. Chlorine is put in EVERY public system to kill organisms. That's good. Not the chlorine, but killing the organisms. Chlorine does not help rid the water of medications however.

Filter your water to get rid of the chlorine first and foremost. It's killed the organisms by the time it gets to your tap. If you get your water from a deep well, it's likely been contaminated with pesticides or fertilizers. There are a variety of water filters on the market. Take the time to learn about them depending on your needs.

Testing water is fairly simple. There are many products on the market. A simple kit from discount stores will check for chlorine and other contaminants.

*TIP* If you color your hair and it LOOKS like you colored your hair, it may be that your hair is absorbing heavy metals when you wash your hair. Try a bit of baking soda with your shampoo, or work it through after you shampoo, let it sit a minute, then rinse and condition. It'll be like you just had your color done!

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